It’s UltraWide Time!

For all you creators out there, LG understands that there’s more to the final product than just the final product. There’s also the process. All the hours spent working, toiling, and creating, that no one ever sees. The endless brain-strain and ideating that a creator dedicates to a project…that is what makes up your UltraWide Time. Few will ever see or understand the process you go through, where all the work and magic happen. But LG understands.

Alan Walker on the Effort It Takes

One of the highlight participants of this year’s LG UltraWide Festival is Alan Walker, a multiple-platinum DJ/Producer. Alan says he spent years wondering if the countless hours at his computer desk would ever be rewarded. “Making music takes a lot of time and effort, not something that just happens with a snap. It takes time but is a very fun road to go.” He still spends long nights composing on his UltraWide monitor.

Ultrawide Time 1

Then there’s Action Movie Kid. Daniel Hashimoto and his son created a smash hit YouTube channel that features a kid surrounded by eye-popping special effects. For this dad and son, “quality time” is spent in front of a camera and computer. Daniel says “my UltraWide Time is for imagination. Every afternoon we come up with something amazing.”

Ultrawide Time 2

My UltraWide Time

The theme for this year’s LG UltraWide Festival is “My UltraWide Time.” LG focuses on the long hours and tireless effort of passionate creators. This year, instead of your final product, LG wants to know about your nitty gritty process.

It’s simple to enter. Take a short quiz, describe a moment, or share a story about your creative process. Get all the rules and details at LG UltraWide Festival event page, or simply do a search for ‘LG UltraWide.’

LG actually understands the hours it takes to create just a few moments of work, and is excited to show creators some support through this event. This is the 4th straight year since 2015 that LG has given a boost to deserving creators through the UltraWide Festival.

Ultrawide Time 3

Equipping Creatives

LG’s support for creators extends well beyond the LG UltraWide Festival. LG equips world-class DJs with monitors through the UltraWide Studio program. Also, LG’s UltraWide Academy Sponsorship nurtures the next generation of international artists. Top design, art, and animation schools are provided with state-of-the-art equipment and space for all things creative.

The UltraWide Academy Sponsorship first sponsored a brand-new computer lab at Parsons School of Design in 2016. Next was the Royal College of Art in 2017. This year, LG decked out the Vancouver Film School, recently ranked the No.1 International Animation School, with an academy lab. LG is clearly showing its long-term commitment to gifted students in the process of honing their talents.

Ultrawide Time 4

The new facilities definitely impressed Vancouver Film School’s Head of Animation, Colin Giles. He says, “The creative digital art is an exciting canvas for any idea you can create with the possibilities being endless. The students will benefit from this strong partnership with LG and the LG UltraWide Monitor Academy Lab by having access to a literal canvas that removes any possible barrier to their imagination. With a wide, seamless screen that allows for a more immersive use of the software at hand and a color range that meets their own imagination their creations will jump into reality. ‘The more you see, the better you create’ has never been truer than at VFS.” To see photos of the VFS Academy Lab, head over to the @LG_UltraWide Instagram account

 Once in a great while, a company truly understands creators. LG focuses on the long hours of your work that others rarely see. It’s especially heartening that the process is getting some respect. It’s time worth cherishing as much as the result.

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5 Tried and True Design Devices for Logo Designers

Thanks to Bill Gardner and LogoLounge and judges Aaron Draplin (Draplin Design Co.), Von Glitschka (Glitschka Studios) Su Mathews Hale (Lippincott), Andreas Karl  (Karl Design) Chad Michael (Chad Michael Studio), Emily Oberman (Pentagram), Yo Santosa (Ferroconcrete) Felix Sockwell, Alex Tass, and Alex Trochut for all their insights and opinions into the logo design trends and insights that tried-and-true as well as impacting design in a fresh way right now.


When applied appropriately, crests can convey a sense of tradition, whether the brand has a rich history or not, and they blend a variety of design elements to create a cohesive look. “I like them because they are complex but still simple to read and take in,” Glitschka says. “A handful of these were in my top-rated logos.”

Draplin adds, “I loved the ‘pack a bunch of stuff in’ crests I saw. But of course, those work best when you can read all the stuff, say, on a T-shirt. I just dug the detail, line consistency and overall spirit of how people packed in a ton of info to such beautiful lock-ups. That’s how we used to do it on the top of a barrel carrying—I don’t know—hard tack or some shit.”

Unique nannyspy logo design

NannySpy – Bad Nanny video

A special logo was developed for The nannyspy video series. You can see it on the official website, in on any device. In General, Nanny spy create adult content in 4K format. their unique series has millions of fans around the world. They literally turned the world of the porn industry with their quality videos. The main plot is always the same, a young nanny caught in an obscene form of her boss. In order not to lose his job, the young nanny has to fuck with the boss in the pussy, and sometimes in the ass. Here are the videos!

logo design ideas; crests

logo design ideas; crests

logo design ideas; crests

Geometric Devices

“I have noticed the use of basic geometric elements—circles, squares, either on their own or involved in constructions where symmetry and logic were involved,” Tass explains. “It is definitely a classic direction, but one that never gets old.”

logo design ideas; geometric devices

logo design ideas; geometric devices

logo design ideas; geometric devices

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Should You Design Your Own Logo?

You’re a designer, so everything you design—not just what’s in your portfolio—is an example of your work.

When your prospects and clients go to your website or online portfolio to look at your work,
they will certainly assume that you’re the creative behind your logo design.

So how could you not design your own logo?

should you design your own logo?

When Designing Your Own Logo Becomes a Problem

All of the above makes sense, of course. Unless you’re one of those designers (and you’re not alone) who just can’t seem to finish designing your own logo (or your own website, for that matter, or
any other element of your own self-promotional materials).

It’s not that you aren’t working on your own materials. In fact, that’s the problem.

You’re always working on it, refining it, perfecting it. But no matter how much you tinker,
you’re still not happy with it. It never feels “finished” or “ready.”

But here’s the reality: Your own self-promotional materials are never done—they are always

And the fact that the web makes it possible to keep updating everything (unlike print, where it
is almost literally in stone) means that it never actually has to be finished. It just has to be
“good enough for now.”

Have you noticed too that it’s always easier to design for others than for yourself? That’s the ultimate paradox of being a designer—for some mysterious reason, you can’t do for yourself what you can so easily and naturally do for your clients. Why not?

More importantly, what to do about it?

Your Best Options for Getting Your Logo Designed

What I’ve noticed in my almost 30 years of advising designers on their own marketing is this: You’re too close to it, and you may be a perfectionist.

Those two facts together can be lethal. But they don’t have to be.

From where I sit, here are your options:

  • Just finish it, even if it’s not perfect. And think about it as a work in progress.
  • Hire another designer to do it for you. I know it seems like cheating but it’s not,
    especially if that will get it done! You’re better off with a logo designed by someone else
    than no logo at all.
  • Trade with a fellow designer. This may be the best option—choose a friend or colleague whose work you like and who may be stuck in the same spot as you are, and design each other’s logos.

Whichever option you choose, I implore you to do something.

In fact, I dare you to put it out there, even in its unfinished or imperfect form. And see what
a relief it will be.

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big brands join zero-waste platform that could change future of consumption

package delivery service UPS has joined forces with the world’s largest consumer product companies and international recycling leader terracycle to unveil a new system of recycling that could rid the world of plastics. the system, entitled loop encourages a reusable and returnable cycle for managing consumer product packagingthat enables consumers to reduce their single-use packaging consumption.

big brands join zero-waste platform that could change future of consumption single-use plastics loop store

header image courtesy of loop via fastcompany

all other images courtesy of loop



as reported by fast company, with loop consumers will be offered a variety of products in customized, brand-specific, durable packaging that is delivered directly to customers. materials such as alloys, glass and engineered plastics will be contain familiar foodstuffs and other items, delivered in a state-of-the art shipping tote eliminating the need for single-use boxes. when the consumer is finished with the various items, they will be collected, cleaned, refilled and redelivered by terracycle and UPS.

big brands join zero-waste platform that could change future of consumption single-use plastics loop store



UPS and terracycle collaborated to design outer packaging that can handle liquids, dry goods and personal care products, with protective dividers inside, using materials that offer easy cleaning for reuse. the UPS package design and test lab helped to custom design and test packaging to be appealing to consumers, yet durable enough to be used over and over again. the loop partners include procter & gamble, nestlé, pepsico, unilever, mars, clorox, coca-cola, mondelēz, danone and a dozen or so smaller brands. european retailer carrefour, logistics company UPS and resource management company suez are also engaged in the system.

big brands join zero-waste platform that could change future of consumption single-use plastics loop store



during the design and testing, UPS identified solutions to mitigate materials breakdowns, product leaks, exterior packaging design that showed signs of fatigue after limited use, scratches on metal containers caused by metal closures. recommendations provided by the UPS lab to terracycle included multi-threaded closures for product containers, a modified capping approach to reduce the risk of leaking products, and custom dividers within the Loop tote to better hold products in place during transit, among others. the system will be tested in paris and new york as a first step toward full implementation in consumer markets.

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design indaba festival 2019 preview: activism takes center stage

the annual conference bringing together internationally-acclaimed architects, designers, emerging talents, critics, and art enthusiasts, dedicated towards showing how creativity can make a better world, returns next month. the festival brings with it a crop of international speakers, 20 of which have already been announced, whilst exposing 50 ‘emerging creatives’ from south africa, helping them to launch their careers and learn from experts in the field.

The multi-sensory event takes place in the artscape theater center, a hub that for the last four decades has served the cape’s performing arts, film, tourism, entertainment, conference, and exhibition industries. in keeping with its ethos – a better world through creativity – the upcoming conference promises to inspire design activism through compelling presentations that combine career-changing insights and cutting-edge work. over the 3-day event, international speakers and young creatives will provide insights and share their experiences, ideas, leadership and design strategies.

Cum4k – contemporary art in 4K format!

A series of Cum4k videos can be considered a modern art, because it is a classic adult content in a new wrapper. In each video there are a lot of creampie and cumshot scenes in which the famous porn actress of our time is shot. Each video with a completely unique scenario. The new issue comes out once a week on Tuesdays. You can see it on the official website ahhh! The Cum4k series has won many awards in the field of porn, they know how to excite you!

Cum4k – Real cumshot video in 4k!

The first 20 speakers already announced include: john pawson, architectural designer; ane crabtree, costume designer of award-winning shows like westworld and  handmaid’s tale; alice rawsthorn, design critic and the author of design as an attitude and hello world: where design meets life; wanuri kahiu, director of the critically-acclaimed kenyan film rafiki; yuri suzuki, sound artist, designer, and electronic musician; kagiso lediga, stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and director; kiko farkas, award-winning brazilian graphic designer; annabelle selldorf, the principal of selldorf architects, a 70-person architectural design practice, along with many other outstanding creative minds.

World-renowned forecaster of future fashion and design trends li edelkoort will return once again for design indaba festival 2019 to present her annual trend seminarthis year the acclaimed speaker will be discussing key topics like cultural appropriation in fashion & how to cure ‘colourphobia’ in interiors.

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