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I recently came across a great article about digital branding from the Wall Street Journal titled Big Firms Mentor Start-Ups on Their Image.

Seems like a lot of companies are starting to catch on that digital media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and they’re taking a “better late than never” attitude towards developing their brand with an ever-increasing online audience in mind. In addition, start-ups are actively seeking out the expertise of branding professionals in order to address the need to develop and implement a strategy that will help them stand out and above the competition.

“Our old logo and branding almost felt like RentShare was a company made by ex-bank executives,” said co-founder Chris Toppino. “We wanted to be seen as the movement of the next generation—that played into the mock ups for what our tone and voice would be.”

It’s never been clearer that in order to effectively target and attract this growing market of potential customers, you’ve got to pay close attention to how you present your business, products, and services online.

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