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Google to China: Don’t Be an Evil Empire

Well this one seemed inevitable. As technology companies continue to strike deals with¬†centralized governments, the main compromise often involves censorship. Google is now facing the stark realities of its relationship with the Chinese government and the resulting frictions are sure to be closely monitored by corporations around the globe. Here’s an article from The Economist that concisely details the situation.

This also brings to mind a book recently co-written by Born Digital author John Palfrey entitled: Access Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rules in Cyberspace. I have been meaning to read this one for some time and will hopefully have an entry about it in the near future.

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Newspapers Continue To See Red, Ink That Is

If you were planning on getting good news about the traditional print newspaper industry as the year winds down, then please don’t read this article by Elizabeth Redman at She covers a recent study by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, which predicts that newspaper industry will shed a quarter of its existing job base within the next decade. You heard that right, the downsizing at newspapers has only just begun.

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Crazy Like A Fox (…News Mogul)

Well, Rupert Murdoch is once again making headlines. The News Wizard from OZ is hinting at a battle with Google over the way in which it makes it very easy for users to get free content from his online newspapers and news sites.Nigel Constantine at TG Daily sums up the behind-the-scenes machinations nicely. The possible team-up of Murdoch with Bing could be a historic development in the changing nature of news distribution.

It raises the intriguing question on whether search engines could eventually become this century’s answer to the paperboy?

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The Google of Newsrooms Past

Several of the latest entries have focused on social media, so I thought that I would change things up a bit and spotlight a nice nostalgic article about a classic print newsroom in Ohio. While debate rages on whether or not Google represents a digital vampire, as Dow Jones Chief Executive Les Hinton has so dramatically proclaimed, the fact remains that the online behemoth’s News section offers the ability to find locally written gems like this one. Penned by Mansfield News Journal reporter Ron Simon about a retiring colleague, his article also serves as a tribute to the way newspaper newsrooms used to be. Here is the Google cached link
If you enjoyed this article as much as I did, I would also recommend checking out old time reporter Jack Germond’s book, Fat Man in a Middle Seat. In addition to providing interesting anecdotes about his time on the McLaughlin Group, Germond also paints a nice picture of the typical local newspaper newsrooms of the past. Especially highlighting the time early in his career when he covered state politics in New York, before working his way into covering national politics with a number of DC-area newspapers.


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