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Getting Paranoid about the Android?

What if you were asked to carry a device that would track your every move, record all your contacts, key strokes and Internet browsing history, and then send the information to a third party?  You would probably respond with a resounding, “No!”  Hate to break it to you, but if you have a Droid phone in your hand the answer has actually been, “Oh, sure.”

Don Reisinger at CNET breaks it all down for us in an eye-opening article. Apparently, researcher Trevor Eckhart discovered how “software developed by mobile-device tracker Carrier IQ logs each keystroke and then sends them off to locations unknown. In addition, when Eckhart tried placing a call, Carrier IQ’s software recorded each number before the call was even made.”

As if this wasn’t enough, here is what Eckhart says about just trying to hit the off switch on the software:

“The Carrier IQ application is embedded so deeply in the device that it can’t be fully removed without rebuilding the phone from source code. This is only possible for a user with advanced skills and a fully unlocked device. Even where a device is out of contract, there is no off switch to stop the application from gathering data.”

Paranoid Android, indeed.

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The iTimes They Are a-Changin’

This has got to be a first. I am including this link to one of Roy Greenslade’s blog posts on The Guardian (UK) Online not for Roy’s article, but for a particular reader’s feedback comment. The overall tone of the post is a bit pessimistic about the potential impact the iPad (and let’s not forget the Kindle either, which is also an exceptional device) could have on the newspaper industry.

With its doom and gloom aside about people paying content, the first comment cuts through the negativity and makes the brilliant point that people will pay for a newspaper app….if the presentation warrants it. Check out this quote from a poster named BeAloud:

“Web browsing isn’t always good on the iPad, while newspaper apps could benefit from a clever design that would exploit the touch interface and provide the ideal user experience.”

Couldn’t have said this one better myself.  This point is reinforced if you ever research some ebook reviews on lately.  A lot of the reviews are not about the works themselves, but instead, the way the content looks on the Kindle.  Newspapers really need to get up to speed about how to offer their content on digital and mobile platforms in a truly compelling way and quit fighting a losing battle for the paper format of yesterday.  Somewhere even a dinosaur is yawning.

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Unsportsmanlike Twittering

Insightful article from Evan Hessel at about the motivations behind the NFL’s recently released policy guidelines restricting fans’ use of Twitter and other social media sites while watching games.

By now you may have heard that the NFL have stated that it will allow fans to tweet about players and teams, but will be forbidden from posting any details that includes play-by-play commentary. The league also has the added challenge of trying to contain the spread of fans recording and uploading the action with smart phone or other devices.

Hessel does a great job of exploring all these angles and includes some very fascinating comments from Wendy Seltzer, a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Seltzer raises the issue of First Amendant rights of a fan and how the NFL could eventually find itself sacked by the court system.